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About Us

360 Refreshment Juice Bar is a company dedicated to creating FRESH juices that are created and delivered to our Customers FAST so that they can enjoy the TASTY creation we made just for them to order. Our focus is on complete customer satisfaction and the delivery of very high quality beverages, juices and other delicious creations that we make to order daily. Our high quality juices are freshly made using our own unique recipes and you will find them to be incredibly delicious and refreshing. 360 Refreshment Juice Bar does not use chemically enhanced ingredients and our products do not have artificial preservatives as we make our beverages and juices to order, at the time of ordering.

As we grow our business we will allow select individuals purchase a “Licensing Agreement” to open a new 360 Refreshment Juice Bar under our brand and trade mark. Please click the thumbnail below to read about our Licensing Agreement opportunities then use our Contact Us page to communicate with us should you have an interest.